Below is a snapshot of the Adobe® curriculum you will learn in each class of InDesign® Basecamp.

Click here to view our AVAILABLE COURSES presented through the live virtual classroom. Scheduled virtual classroom courses are held at 1 pm CST - 4 pm CST each Wednesday during the four week session.

10,000 Feet

  • InDesign® User Interface
  • Setting up an InDesign® Document
  • Opening and Navigating Your Document
  • Interacting with Page Elements

20,000 Feet

  • Using Frames and Frame Tools
  • Create Layouts
  • Master Pages, Layers Panel, Objects Styles

30,000 Feet

  • Working with Text and Styles
  • Text Frame Options
  • Working with Tables
  • Character Panels, Character Styles

40,000 Feet

  • Printing from InDesign®
  • Press Publishing from InDesign®
  • Interactive PDF’s with InDesign®